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Public Art

Hues of Colorado

Designed collaboratively by Ana Maria Botero and Juan Bothe, a mother-son artistic duo, this sculpture stands as a testament to their shared vision and creativity. Commissioned for the "Trees on 8th" program in the city of Greeley, the sculpture graces the urban landscape between 15th and 16th streets on 8th Avenue. An abstract masterpiece, it draws inspiration from the vibrant colors of Colorado, incorporating the region's natural hues into its artistic expression. As pedestrians and passersby encounter this public artwork, they are treated to a unique blend of form and color, reflecting the artistic synergy between Ana Maria Botero and Juan Bothe, while contributing to the cultural and aesthetic richness of Greeley's public spaces. Fabrication collaboration Stephen Shachtman studio.

Cor4 Studio - Cosecha

Cor4 Studios is a Denver, Colorado-based sculptural studio that emphasizes in integrated art, design, and fabrication practice operating in a place between architecture, art, and industrial design. Founded by Ana Maria Botero, Jodie Roth Cooper, Collin Parson, and Stephen Shachtman, the studio’s work is informed by the unity of simple form, light, perception, and storytelling. COSECHA, under fabrication, consists of three freestanding sculptures and a 220’ light wall panel relief along the Wadsworth Blvd corridor from 35th Ave to I-70. The wall piece consists of 220 linear feet of backlit Corten steel paneling that has been cut to create an organic pattern inspired by the microscopic view of a Wheat root. Cor4 Studios will use the ‘drops’ from the paneling, to create three additional sculptures to have a more minimal waste art project. The three sculptures consist of stylized versions of Celery Pods, Wheat Berries, and Carnations that will be placed in the median areas and along the northern entrance of Wheat Ridge CO.

Carnation Sculpture by Anamaria Botero

Carnation Sculpture

Seeds Sculpture by Anamaria Botero

Seeds Sculpture

Wheat Berries by Anamaria Botero

Wheat Berries

The Wall by Anamaria Botero

The Wall

Day Wall by Anamaria Botero

Day Wall

Night Wall by Anamaria Botero

Night Wall